I am not a politician, I don't look like, smell like, talk like or lie like one. Like you, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of the way career politicians and the old political system is governing this country. If you are looking to vote for and elect a president that is perfect, don't look to me. I, like you, have had my shares of ups and downs, and one thing my ups and downs have taught me is to let honesty be your first priority always, and to care for and respect all people at all times, regardless of our disagreements.  I have learned that leadership on any level comes down to listening, evaluating the problem or situation, then applying the solution or answer.  When we view the debates of the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, we see a group of individuals that are not so concerned about the issues currently facing the American citizens, as they are in respects of looking good in their own eyes, while pointing their fingers at the faults and short falls of their fellow candidates. There is an alternative to what we are left to choose from in respects of our sincere endeavor to choose a president and that is Gus Williams for 2020. While the other presidential candidates are busy fussing amoungst one another, we need a leader that already have the solutions to, Immigration and Illegal Aliens Problems, Foreign Policy Problems, Racial Tension Problems, Discrimination Problems, Educational Problems, Employment Problems, Tax Problems, Health Care Problems, Gun Problems, Excessive Government Spending Problems, global warming, climate change, human and sex trafficking, just to name a few of the many mounting issues the next president must successfully deal with, because, if we do not deal with these and other issues, you want have to guess where this country will be. I invite every American citizen to cast your vote for the only presidential candidate that have the answers and solutions to the problems needing to be resolved that will benefit all of us as American citizens, and that is Gus Williams for 2020.

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