For years, like you, I've cast my vote every election year for some slick talking, career presidential candidate that promised everything, when elected to office, delivered nothing. We cannot affort another four or eight years of the same old politics, with the same old career politicians that haven't a clue or any solutions to the many issues of a changing nation. In a changing nation, we need new and fresh leadership that equally represents and benefits us all as American citizens, regardless of race, religion, demographics, or political persuasions.  The main reason this country is in the messy conditions it's in today is because of career politicians, with old ideas, fueled by their greed for power at any cost, and regardless of who they hurt or have to sacrifice, which is always the American people, at some level.  If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the way this Great Nation is being governed, and has concluded that, "Enough is Enough", then stand with me in casting your vote for the next President of the United States of America, elected by the people, a servant to the people, not a lord over the people, and that is Gus Williams for 2020



An educated nation is an economically strong nation, with less crimes, more business development, which leads to more jobs, more revenue and a stronger economy. Equal and quality education is the law and the rights of every American citizen, regardless of gender, nationality, or demographics, but, what we see, although, we, as a people have been desegregated, equal and quality education is still segregated demographically.  Across this nation, we have excellent teachers with more college degrees than a thermometer, yet, a great percentage of our children are illiterate, which leads to higher and higher drop out percentages, which we as a nation cannot afford. No longer are our schools a place of academics, now they have become a place of indoctrination, from kindergarten to 12th grade, where our children are taught the art of confusion in respects of gender and the acceptance, embracing and testing of immorality, where today you can choose to be a boy and tomorrow, if you want, you can choose to be a girl. I propose that we implement proven methods of teaching from the kindergartners to pre-school by adopting proven private skill centers techniques such as Kumon, and Montessori, which will prepare our children to enter 1st grade ahead of the current public school's standards.  From the 1st grade to the 8th grade, implement Kumon, that will always keep our children extremely ahead of every current standards of the public school. From the 10th grade to the 12th grade, the student will choose a career skill to study for the next two years in a college environment, along side their regular academics, so when the student graduate from the 12th grade, not only will they have earned a diploma, but, the equivalence of an associates degree, and career ready. All this can be accomplished using the same funding allotted to high schools currently. Parents wouldn't have to be concerned about how to pay for a 2 year college degree, or getting into debt to do so. If the student endeavors to continue their education to a higher degree in education, quess who pays for it as an investment into that student, our government. We don't really have a job problem, what we do have is a shortage of qualified individuals to fill the available jobs.

If, we continue to arrest and incarcerate individuals for various non-violent crimes other than murder or the likes, such incarcerations, cost tax payers billions of dollars collective, then, let those same individuals back into society, and their same old neighborhoods, we set them up to be repeat criminals, with a 100% chance of committing even a more serious crimes, which is madness.  What I propose is, when a person commits a non-violent crime that is not murder, or the likes, especially, those that are repeat offenders, that person is not sent to jail, but, sent directly to one of our armed services, to serve out their sentence as an enlisted serviceman, where they will receive expert training in a chosen skill, get to travel and see the world, get to learn how to discipline themselves, so that when they get out of the armed services they will have a different outlook on life, a marketable skill, assistance with getting a job or furthering that skill by getting into college, or they may choose to make a career in one of our armed services, and their criminal record is expunged. This would be a better way to spend the tax payers money, and to cut down on crime. If you are found guilty of Child Molestation, Incest, Rape, Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, or drunk driving that caused the death of another, just to name a few hideous crimes that plaque the American citizens, you will be put to death. The penalty for breaking such laws must be harsh,enough that no individual in their right mind would dare violate them. This, we must do in order to protect the law abiding citizens, especially women and children, who are the majority victims.


Across this nation juvenile crime is on an increase, fueled by  gangs, drugs, etc., which incorporates under aged young men and women, some, who are varily attending high school, and others that have dropped out. We cannot allow this type of behavior to continue. To prevent this type of behavior from continuing, which, has proven to be a menace to society, a heartache to their parents, and a detriment to the person of value. I propose that juveniles engaging in the activities and behaviors herein described be sent to cadet military schools of our various armed services, where they will resume their high school education they refused to take advantage of when they were in high school. They will not only get a chance to earn their diploma, depending on the age and grade, but, learn a skill and the equivalence of an AA degree. They will learn discipline and the chance to view life in a more positive manner. Of course, our laws governing juveniles must be amended.



For years, I've looked at this so called, War on drugs, as perpetrated by our government, where they spend too much time arresting and jailing the drug users that they should be putting in drug treatments programs. The problem with this tactic is that it doesn't work. What does work is that you must go after the source, which are the individuals that manufacture, and distributes the various drugs to the drug dealers located in this country's communities. Eliminate the source of where the drugs are manufactured, we will stop cold the supply and distributions.. Where there is no source, there is no supply, no dealers and definitely no drug users. Anything other than that is not a war on drugs, it is a war on the people who are the end users. The laws respecting illegal drugs must be as harsh on the manufactures and dealers as the drugs are on individuals and communities they destroy, and that is, if you are caught bringing illegal drugs and distributing them into this country, you will be put to death.

 My view on Crime and an excerpt of my plan for reform

 My view on Juvenile Crime and an excerpt of my plan for reform

 My view on Juvenile Crime and an excerpt of my plan for reform

 My view on Crime and an excerpt of my plan for reform

 My view on Education and an excerpt of my plan for reform:

 My view on the War on Drugs and an excerpt of my plan for reform:

 My view of Healthcare and an excerpt of my plan to reform:

Every American citizen, working or not, deserves to have good medical insurance for themselves and their families, without the stress of worrying about not having it, or not being able to afford it.  Medicare is a joke, it's subprime and unacceptable. With Obamacare, if you do not have a job to buy into the system, you and your family are out of luck, and for not having a job, you accummulate the stress of being charge a penalty for not being able to afford health care.   Our medical system needs to be reorganized for the benefit of the American people, and paid for by the government, even if we must look, learn, and adopt health care systems that are working successfully for other countries and their citizens. We must cap the rates greedy insurance company's and hospitals charge the American public for services. There must be a national medical insurance card, unlike Medical, issued to every American citizen who applies for it, which will allow the card holder to be seen and treated by any clinic or hospital, regardless of where that person is in the United States of America, and your medication is free. This plan will be paid for by elimnating unnecessary government spending of billions of dollars, without raising any taxes.


Imigration and illegal aliens: I believe that everyone in this country should be here legally, it's only just. We, as a nation must  understand, that this country from it's inceptions until now, and hereafter, was formed by a diversity of nationalities which was willing to risk their lives to get here to make a better life for themselves and their families. When we understand the fact that every man, including women and children deserves the right to pursue a better life, liberty of expression without the fear of perscution, and the pursuit of happiness, we will know better how to deal with the illegal alien problem we currently have. No, we will not voilated our laws, but should work within those laws to accommodate thoses rights for every illegal alien in the United States to become a contributing citizen. Merely locating and deporting an estimated two million illegal aliens, some who have children, who are naturally born U.S. citizen, thus seperating illegal parents from their children is inhumane and cruel, without consideration for families. I propose that every illegal alien deported that have children in America, be brought back to America, reunited with their families and made a citizen and given the rights all Americans enjoy without the fear of persecution, and when elected as your President, that is exactly what I intent to do. At the same time we must put in place a better defense system than a wall in order to protect our borders from being continuelly invaded by illegal aliens of every sought. If you are caught in America as an illegal alien after the time limit expires for becoming a citizen, guess what, you get to enlist as a citizen in one of our armed services for at least four years.

 My view on Immigration and an excerpt of my plan to reform:

 My view on Veterans Affairs and an excerpt of my plan to reform:

There is a great evil I have noticed with our veterans, which is a shameful dis-service. We ask our brave men and woman of our various armed services to lay down their lives to protect this country, and the underdogs in other parts of this world, yet, fail to adequately take care of them and their families while they are away and at home. Veterans, their families, police officers, their familes, firefighters and their families are some of the most stressed out families on the face of the earth, because, whenever their family members engaged in the careers mentioned, leave home to perform their duties, the family members left home always live with the uncertainty of, "will my husband or wife, dad or mom, son or daughter or family member come home alive". When I see a veteran standing with a sign, "will work for food, or help", with their honorable discharge hanging around their neck, that is what I view as government injustice, which we as a nation will no longer tolerate.


 My view on Religious Freedom and an excerpt of my plan to protect:

As President, I promises to protect the religious freedoms given to every American Citizen under our Constitution, as a right and not just a priviledge, for as long as I shall live, so help me God. This great Country was and still is bedrocked on Biblical principals, with Christianity being the mainstay.. Believe it or not, our judicial laws stems from Biblical laws and principals which are Global, mainly the Ten Commandments. These laws establish stability, righteousness, true judgment, equality, and freedom, just to name a few. Righteousness exhalts a nation, Sin or wrong doing is a reproach to any people. We see in America, a nation that is quickly moving from that Bibical firm foundation to one of total chaos, where righteouness is subpressed, and sin is celebrated. Where our rights of religious freedom and expression, protected under the Constitution, are being taken away by our courts and other individuals that could care less about God or those who claim to be followers of Christ, before who we all must stand and give an account, whether we believe or not. Regardless of your religious persuasion, you should always have the right to religious freedom, and not be bullied or jailed because you refuse to violation your conscious.  My religious rights are protected just as much as the person that is in opposition to them. I, as your President, will not tolerate anyone attacking, bulling, or discriminating against me or the citizens of this nation because we say, we believe in Jesus, or another religious persuasion.  In case you didn't know, Christinity is not a religion, it is a relationship with God through Jesus, sealed by the Holy Spirit. Religion is anything that has you endeavoring to work your way to God, good luck on that. Let it be known, I am a Christian, Jesus is my Lord, who died on the cross for all of my sins, which I'm am continued to daily be forgiven for. Through Him and Him only do we have access to God, who has made available to every man, woman, girl and boy eternal life and forgiveness of all sin, if we confess Jesus as our Lord, and beleive that God raised Him from the grave for our justification through faith by the power of the Holy Spirit, who lives within all Christian, enableing them the power to live the life God expects them to live, and to love the unlovely, forgive the unforgiveable, to bless those who curse you, pray for those who use and abuse you, to love the person and hate the sin of that person, it's not easy, but it is a command. I will never change my mind in that respect. As for me and my house, we by choice, not by fear, will always and forever serve the LORD.


When we examine Global Warming, we must understand, naturally, the earth periodically warms itself, of course, globally, there are conditions and circumstances, brought on by certain activities that promotes and contribute to this problem. But, there's more to this situation than what meets the eye. There's a cleverly plan instigation to what is told to the american public than what is being done in plain site. Example; Almost anywhere in the world, if, you look up into the sky, anytime of the day, you will notice numerous commercial jets, on various crisscross patterns, dumping some kind of liquate substance into the upper atmosphere, which, has the ability to cause various changes in the whether. We think that these strikes in the sky are produced by commercial jets engines reacting to the cooler upper atmosphere, which are call con-trails. Not so, these chemicals, called chemtrails, being dumped into the upper atmosphere not only causes whether changes, such as rain, fires, but have an immediate effect on human behavior in a negative way, and, just to name a few, it also have a negative effect on our food supplies. My responsibility is to find out who is spending billions of dollars on the chemicals being dumped, and why, because this is a global and continue campaign being done day and night, seven days per week, 24 hours, 365 days per year, and this need to be stopped.

My view on paying insurance deductables and an excerpt to correct;
There's one thing I do not agree to or understand and that is, when I

pay an insurance company a monthly preminum to insure my car

or my health, why do I have to pay them a deductable in order for

them to perform the task I've been paying for all this time. Therefore, I will eliminate all insurance deductables so that the american citizen can be released from the slavery

of the insurance companies.


My view on having to have good credit in order to get an apartment:

If, you can prove that you have employment and income to support the rent of any apartment, you may pay no more than a ($10.00) application fee, your personal credit my not be ran as a contingency for your acceptance, to do so will be a violation of the fair housing act. A security deposit my be no more than $1000.00. 


My view on home ownership and an excerpt to correct:

It's a right and a privilege to own a  home in America, but, you can pay for a home and if you don't pay the taxes on the property, the government, State, Local or Federal, can seize that property and auction it off for taxes owed.  Under my administration, every personal resident in the United States of America shall be property tax free. Your investment property (s) will still be taxed.

Prison reform and an excerpt to reform:

Too many individuals, both men and woman, of all races and gender, especially people of color, are in prison illegally, with compounded sentences. So, if, you've paid your debt to society, and you commit another crime, unlike murder or the likes in respects of violence, you sentence may not be compounded. All sentences compounded will be eliminated or adjusted to the proper stature with time served. There shall be no funds allocated to building no new jails or prison. A mandatory education system shall be implemented for all prisoners eligible for release to prepare that individual for employment when released, while partnering with corporations for employment. This is true reform. 

Student Federal Debt Reform:

All Federal debt owed by students graduated with student loans shall be forgiven, so that the student doesn't spend the rest of their live paying education debt.

IRS debt release:

For a fresh start, all IRS debt owed by the citizens of the USA will be forgiven

Franchise Tax Board Reform:

There's a great evil done by the government to the american citizen in their endeavor to collect debt that may or may not be owed, and that is, employing the services of the Franchise Tax Board to levy the bank or investment accounts of the citizen. Under my administration, the Franchise Tax Board my note levy any bank or investment account of any american citizen, without having gone to court with that citizen in defense of that cause, and received a court order and writ after a trial in order to take money from any citizen account.

Women of this and other societies have come a very long way. I think when men truly understand the role of women in their lives and society, and their contributions, men globally will cherish, protect, and behave just and fairly toward every woman, regardless of their nationality. Women are stronger, not body wise in respects of physical strength, but, intellectually, emotionally and psychologically than men. If it was up to women there wouldn't be any wars. If a women is doing the same job as a man, unless job seniority is an issue, I think it would be just to pay her equally. Women are the pillars of every society, without them, things don't work. Let me talk to women of all nationalities, especially our girls and young women. You, no matter who you are, is special and unique, you were born that way, so embrace, protect, and cherish it. It's alright to admire someone else's style and like it, but, create your own style. Always hold yourself in high self esteem, and never let a man disrespect who you are. Keep far away from drunkers, liers, gamblers, drug users or dealers, women beaters, molestors, thieves, self esteem killers, just to name a few. Always keep your panties up and your dresses down, protect your virginity, and if you've lost it, protect what you have, because it's just as valuable, if it weren't, men wouldn't be after it, it's the one of many things that sets you apart. It good to be cool, but don't be too cool. Just because everyone is doing a thing and it's popular, is a true sign that it's not good. Stand for that which is right, and you will never fall for that which is wrong, even if you have to stand by yourself. Love truth, no matter how much it hurts to hear, and never support or accept a lie, if you do, you will always be in bondage. Always be obedience and respect your parents regardless of your age. Never accept anyone violation of your person, and never let a violator get away with such a hedious act, tell someone of authority, dispite the shame. You as a women, a girl have rights, so use them.



Pro-life, deals with women rights or choice to have an abortion, as defined by the world, especially the United States of America. What we must understand is, no one would be here on the face of this earth if our parents wasn't pro-life. So, every parent that has brought a child into this world is and was pro-life. I'm all for the rights of women, women have come a very long way in their sincere endeavor to gain and maintain certain equal rights, which we applaud, on the other hand, when a woman gets pregnant with a child, "depending on how she became pregnant", is a blessing from God, who entrusted her to love, protect, provide, and instruct, that little person (s) amazingly growing inside of her, it is not hers to kill.  We have been lied to regarding abortion, that it's not murder, when that's exactly what it is. Just because it's the law doesn't make it right. If what the woman is carrying isn't a baby, how can the body of the murdered fetus be sold for parts to various industries, and who in their right mind would even considered purchasing parts of a murdered child, how wicketly hedious.  So, before you choose having an abortion over giving life, choose life, because just as you, unknownly was depending on your mom to protect and bring you into this would, just know that the one growing within you is depending on you to bring them into this world with an, "I Love You". The choice is yours, choose LIFE. If you've had an abortion, you are forever forgiven, don't beat yourself up. Now you know. Oh, forgot to tell you, when you have a child or children, yes, they will sometimes seem like a curse, but there are times they will make you laugh, cry, feel confused, hurt, surprised, and angry. On the other hand, the joy of the matter, is that they will love you unconditionally, they will wear your clothes, borrow money and never pay it back, amoungst other things, but you as a parent will never get enough of, Mom, Dad, I Love You.  So, you know, I'm Pro-Life. We must stop funding clinics that provide abortions, because that aborted child is someone that would have done something to contributed to the well being of mankind, but now, will never get the chance. Those that fund abortion are as guilty as the one that have and perform the abortion. So, if you want to have an abortion, you must pay for it yourself, no business, organization of the government with be required to do so, that responsibility is yours and the person that got you pregnant.


Regardless of your nationality or gender, social standing or demographics, believe or not, you are unique. Regardless of how you feel, or what anyone has said negative about you, or what you have or don't have materially, you are perfectly created by God for a specific purpose, with specific talents, for a specific time, and that's why you are here. There is no time to give even a thought ever to taking your life because you don't feel that you have anything to live for, or no one cares, or no one loves you. .   Your life is more than things, or what you have. It is alright to admire other people styles, but just as you are admiring someone elses style, someone is watching and loving your style, so don't lose yourself trying to be someone else, because that someone else has discovered their purpose in life and enjoying it, so why not you in respects of discovering and enjoying your styles, because no one can beat you being you. Regardless of how old you are, always let your first priority be honesty, always love, respect and obey your parents. Always choose the right friends, be popular with the right company of people, always love and stand for truth, even if you have to stand alone. Always respect yourself, because if you don't no one else will. Spend time alone with yourself, love yourself, discover who you are, what are your talent, what you like to do, and go for it, remembering that there is nothing impossible to you.




Our Constitution ensure our rights as American Citizens to bare arms, "A Gun" for many reasons, protection of one's self, family, and the country in case of an invasion, yes an invasion. Do not think for one moment that America is to great to be invaded, because it's not. Every American citizen should posess a gun, teach their children how to use and respect a gun. If a criminal breaks into your home, which most will have a gun, illegally, and you have a bat or knive, who do you think is at a disadvantage, you are. You cannot protect yourself or your family with a bat or knive against a person with a gun.   Gun control, gun control, gun control is all we hear when there is a tragedy involving a gun. In respect of a lost of a love one via a gun, I speak from experience. The truth is, a majority of indivduals involved in the crime were law abiding citizens that lost their minds.  No matter how much gun control we may have, it doesn't apply to criminals, because criminals will find an illegal way to get any gun, thats one of the reasons they are called criminals. Gun control is a way of disarming law abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves, their families and this country. I have never seen a gun in and of itself kill anyone, it's people that kill people using guns.



I don't know who made America the police of the entire world, when I find out, I will certainly let you know. I think that our government sticks it's nose in too many foreign affairs, which causes our various armed services to be spreaded thin when it's comes to protecting our country. It's ok to side with our allies, only after we allow them to endeavor to resolve their own issues first.  In parts of the world where a country is attacked with out the military power to defend itself, or is invaded by a stronger military country, then we should come to that country's rescue.  Iraq is a modern day mistake on the part of our government, which we are still paying for, monetarly and with the lives of the men and women of our various branches of the military, because the government lies to us, saying one thing but having another greedy motive. What our American government must learn to do is, stop lying to the American people. When we say that we are going to do a thing, we should stick to our word, or else our enemy will think that we are a weak nation that talks loud, but does nothing. We must reset our foreign economic affairs when it comes to trade. If we allow countries like China for example to flood this country with their commodities, and we are not allowed to export much of our commodities for trade to their country, which would produce jobs here in America for our citizens, then the trading field between the two countries are unequal. We must give major tax breaks and other incentives to our corporations who have taken their business outside of this country, which are providing collectively, millions of jobs overseas. Those jobs must be brought back to the American citizens, or else, the merchandise created outside of this country should be sold to the consumers of the country that helped to produce the product. If you decide to bring your overseas product back into America, the taxes levied on that product is so high that your profit margin isn't worth it. In all areas of America, we as a nation must be economically strong, educationally solid, prosperious, morally stable, and lawfully just, to name a few. We must remember, we can't make friends with people who hate you.




I think all would agree when I say, we pay too much taxes. The filing of individual income taxes is so complicated that you have to pay a professional tax preparer to do the job, and that should not be. There should be a tax form reformation that is so simple a child could fill it out. There should be a 10% individual income tax across the board instead of the current tax structure, which will allow the American citizens to have more money to save, to have more money than month, to invest. The more money people have, the more they want to spend, which is good for the economy. It's easy to put money aside for retirement, childs college, vacation, to give, and to spend. Whether you know it or not, the federal and state government makes millions to billions of dollars every second, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, because every second, taxes are being exacted by the state, and federal government through the billions of dollars withheld from your pay checks, purchases, and the various others transactions, so there is no need to raise taxes or maintain our current tax structures, which is the main reasons many working Americans are struggling. There should not be taxes on inheritance, or property, or capital gains just to name a few.



Welfare is one of the most entrapping thing ever formed. It use to be a place to stop but not to stay, and what we've seen over so many decades, are families being on welfare from generations to generations, with no real hope of ever getting off. A majority of people currently on welfare, regardless of nationality or gender, don't want to be there. A majority of indiviuals in that system are talented, strong, intellengent, and excellent managers of the little money they receive to take care of there families without missing a beat every month. Corporate leaders could learn at thing or two.  I think that every individual on welfare should be given a change to get off of the system, become a contributing citizen, and break the generational cycle for their children, and I'm going to help you. My proposal to reform welfare is to first stop providing funding to the many agencies that pretend to help welfare recipitences when they don't.  Then impliment a plan to have those funds allocated for college, where you will have five years to get a degreed education, which will make you job ready, or owning a business ready. Those who wants to own a business, you will learn how to put together one from the top to the bottom, then we will give you funding, without the red tape, and hold you accountable. The career ready individuals, will be intermed with major corporations on a subsidized level for permanent employment. If you are successful in completing the program, you will have a career, if you don't, you will no longer be able to draw welfare, period.  




It's nothing new in respects of how black men and women, young and old have been treat and killed openly, without fear, shame or remorse in this country. This has been happening from the very existence of the black race in America, the only difference now is, through the electronic age of the internet, cell phone, etc, we get to witness murder 1st hand, and judge for ourselves in respects of the evidence. When we see black men and women, young and old without a gun, no threat to anyone, especially the police, shot and kill, time after time, you must conclude, "that could have been me or mines". What this tells the world, who is watching, especially the black race, the police is saying to us, I don't care who sees me murder a black person, they're not really people, we just tolerate them. That is such a slave master mentality.   How long must we as a people tolerate injustice, whether in our court rooms, on our jobs, or in the streets just to name a few, before we come together and say, enough is enough and do something legally about it. I commend, applaud, even praise the young people of all races joining with the young black people marching and demonstrating for change, and will not except no for an answer any longer. On the other hand, we as a people must begin to govern and police ourselves when it comes to cleaning up our own neighborhoods from drug, gangs, illiteracy and black on black crimes, by holding each other accountable. I, as your president already know what must be done for change in this nation's police departments, in the educational system, in the justice systems, in the neighborhoods across America, and these changes will be implemented immediately. Regardless of your nationality, gender, or demographics, change is coming for the benefit of us all as American citizens, especially for the black race, because the way the black race is treating themselves and each other, and the way we are being treated, our ancestors and the various races that marched with them, some giving their lives for change, if, they saw where we were today as a people, they would be totally ashamed. We can change this by the power of the Right to VOTE. The only way these police issues of violence against the black race, and any other race of people will be changed is quite simple. If it is shown, as we have seen over and over, where a black man or woman, or any race of gender, is shot while running away from a police office, and was not a threat, and unarmed, but shot and killed, a grand jury will not delivery them, that police officer will stand trial for murdered, just like any other person who committed such a crime. This will force law enforcement across the country to think before they shoot, unless their lives are really in danger and you had no choice, you had better not shoot, especially, shooting to kill.


In respect of dealing with or stopping an individual that has a bomb strapped on themselves, or an individual that has knowingly planted a bomb, the answer is you can't, but, in order to stop those individuals before this ever happens, we must track the source or the head, eliminate it, and you eliminate the possibilities. I would say more about this matter, but, some terrorist might be reading this and get word of my plan, so, i will just stick to implementation, but, let me give you a clue of my plan to confront terrorism with this statement, "The hunter is about to become the hunted, globally".

In order to shut down terrorism in America, we the people of America must collectively be involved in reporting any suspicious activities to the proper authorities. We must, as a nation, become our brother's keeper, not just in preventing terrorism, but, anything negative that affects us as a nation. One of the most profound statements I've ever heard is, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but, what you can do for your country", President, JFK.

When you look at all of the Presidential Candidates views and plans for raising the minimal wages, they are one sided and will not work. Example, in respects of their plan: If you raise the minimal wage, that's fine for the employees, but, you then create a problem for the employer, which, has to either raise the price on the product or services they are selling or terminate a number of employees to compensate for the increase in what is now mandatory to be paid. So, with their plan, minimal wages are raised, but, people are laid off. "not such a good idea".  Under my plan for raising the minimal wages, in order to do so, to compensate for the extra money the business owner or corporation has to come up with, or, resign a number of employees to be in compliance, we must lower the taxes the business owner or corporation is paying in order to balance the employer's budget, so that that employer can comply with the wage increase without resigning the employment of any employees, or putting undue hardship on themselves or the economy.

My view on sex and human trafficking and an excerpt of my plan;

Sex and human trafficking in it's various degrees, globally, has always been around in

it's various forms, but cloaked. Since the global media has brought the subject to mainstream america's attention, it is more than worth examining but preventing it. When any person regardless of gender or nationality is kidnapped or forced into such a lifestyle by some murderous thugs, not only does it destroy that person but torments the family of that individual. If, you are caught sex or human trafficking in the USA, rest assured, you will be put to death, so that not only is justice serviced but a fatal message is sent to all that would dare to engage in such a hideous act.

My view on teen and adult suicide and an excerpt of my plan;

Teen and adult suicide is at an all time high, with various factors contributing. Straight talk; If you're a teen or an adult thinking about such an act and you're not under some mental health situation, you owe this consideration to yourself, parents, friend and family to sit down and ask yourself these questions; What is my purpose for wanting to do this, what will doing this accomplish, do I really hate myself that much, is my situation really that bad, how will this selfish act affect my parents, family and friends, what could I have contributed to the betterment of this world and someone's life. why is the voice speaking to me making me think that I would be better off dead, rather than alive, what and why is it trying to steal from me, why is it trying to steal my destiny. Is someone bullying you, is loosing a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, job, business, children, worth me dying for. The answer is no, because your death will leave behind more unresolved and undue hurt to all those who love you, than you can begin to imagine. Everyone came into this world with a destiny, find yours and do.



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